RetroFoam Insulation

What is RetroFoam Insulation?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding RetroFoam and spray foam. That’s because some contractors call all foam insulation products spray foam.

RetroFoam is a three-part resin injection foam. The resin is mixed with a foaming agent and water inside the crew’s trailer.

It is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. It is also Class One Fire Rated, which means in the case of a fire, it doesn’t act as a catalyst and will self-extinguish once the flame is removed.

Once the RetroFoam is created it is injected into enclosed cavities, like your existing walls. It has the consistency of shaving cream, helping the foam fill the wall cavity and spread around wires and pipes, completely filling the cavity and reducing air leaks in your walls. As a result, homeowners experience less drafts and uncomfortable rooms, lower monthly energy bills, and a quieter home.

Benefits of RetroFoam Home Insulation

Comfortable Rooms

The air seal that injection foam creates won’t just save you money, it will make the rooms in your home more comfortable. Say goodbye to drafts, hot and cold spots, and uncomfortable rooms as injection foam will keep the air you pay to heat or cool constant and right where you want it.

Lower Energy Bills

Installing injection foam in your existing exterior walls will stop your furnace or air conditioner from running constantly. This is because the foam fills the entire wall cavity and creates an air seal, so your inside air stays in and outside air stays out.

Quieter Home

All of that outdoor noise can make your home uncomfortable because it isn’t a peaceful space. RetroFoam injection foam has sound deadening properties that can greatly reduce sound transmission into your home.

RetroFit Exterior Wall Insulation Without the Stress of a Full Remodel

You don’t want the aggravation of a complete remodel and luckily with RetroFoam injection foam you don’t have to worry about that.

The installation process is quick, easy, hassle-free for you, and can be done from the outside.

Customer Review

My home stays more comfortable than I would have ever imagined after installing Retrofoam Insulation. It has saved me hundreds of dollars on my utility bills already just because my heating and air system never runs!

Marcus L. – Atlanta

Can RetroFoam Insulation Be Used in the Attic?

RetroFoam doesn’t work for attics because there’s no cavity to fill with it. It only works when it’s sandwiched into a wall. So, we use fiberglass or cellulose insulation for attics.

Since attics are usually not air conditioned, we don’t put insulation into the ceiling. Insulating the attic ceiling would make the roof shingles overheat, which often voids any warranties. If the attic is air conditioned, then the ceiling can be insulated normally.

No matter what insulation method is best for your attic, we test for leaks and seal them before any other insulation is added. That often makes the biggest difference to both home comfort and utility bills because leaks from the attic are so common.

Attic Safe | Retrofoam

Ready for a Quieter Home with Improved Comfort and Energy Bills?

If you are tired of a drafty home with uncomfortable rooms and high energy bills, invite us out for a free estimate so we can review your current insulation and answer your questions. If necessary, we can even use a digital thermal image camera to see where heat is leaking, or do a blower door test to check how tight the current insulation is. If there is something to fix, you can see what exactly it is, where it is, and how significant it is.

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