About RetroFoam of Georgia

From HVAC to Insulation, We Make Homes More Comfortable and Efficient

In many ways, HVAC and insulation go hand-in-hand and that’s how RetroFoam of Georgia was born in 2015.

Installing HVAC systems, we heard a lot from homeowners about drafts, cold and hot spots, and mainly wanting to make their homes more efficient, so that’s why we started RetroFoam of Georgia. Our mission is to help homeowners save on their monthly energy bills and making their homes more comfortable.

We are the only injection foam insulation contractor in the area, so we offer benefits that no one else can. RetroFoam in the walls will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. The installation process only takes a few hours, so we aren’t an inconvenience to you.

We chose RetroFoam injection insulation because it is a safe, non-toxic insulation to install in homes. It’s also low-density, so we don’t have to worry about walls cracking.

We are also BPI Certified and work closely with Georgia Power to see if you qualify for any rebates.

Not only do we want to help homeowners solve their problems, but we also want to help our community. In recent years we have worked closely with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Toys for Tots, and the Special Olympics.

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Customer Review

After installing Retrofoam Insulation into my exterior walls, my power bills dropped so dramatically I called Marietta Power Company to ask if something was wrong!

Marie S. – Marietta

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